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Temporal Memory Ear TrainerTemporal Memory Ear Trainer

An ear training patch that focuses, amongst other things on temporal memory, microtonal frequency identification and attention to timbre.
The patch features a straightforward and user friendly interface that provides a good amount of information on the user’s performance with the ability to keep track of the score over multiple tests.
Four choices of training material are available:
-(pitch)     A sine wave oscillator with variable unquantized frequency.
-(amplitude)     A noise source with variable amplitude.
-(cutoff freq.) A noise source with a variable low pass filter.
-(reverb time)  Short burst of noise triggering a reverb with variable room size.

1 -Choose a test type.
2 -Choose the number of elements per test.
3 Choose the lenght of each element.
4 Choose a resolution.
5 – Press Test.
6 – Fill the left array with what you think is the correct sequence.
7 – Press Submit.
The right answer is then displayed in the right array,
along with a score and a graphic displaying the degree of
deviation from the right answer, if any.
8 – Repeat

Download Temporal Memory Ear Trainer


Live Performance Step SequencerPD Final Project Screenshot

Échantilloneur 8 voix avec automation enregistrable de la vitesse de lecture, contrôlé par un step sequencer. La séquence peut être jouée normalement, en renversement ou en mode ping-pong et sa longeur est variable de 1 à 16 pas. Chaque voix est acheminée vers un mixeur stéréo avec pan et deux envois vers un delay et un reverb.

8 voice step sequenced sampler with recordable automation of the sample’s playback speed. The sequence can be set to play normally, in reverse or in a ping pong fashion and can also be resized continuously from 16 to 1 step. Each sampler is routed to a stereo mixer with pan knob and separate sends to a delay unit and a reverb unit for each channel.

Download Performance Step Sequencer



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